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Were the Supra's wheels available in chrome?
Toyota itself never offered the Supra's 17" wheels in chrome. But many Dealers had the factory silver wheels chromed.

What about the 97-98 wheels, they look chrome?
They are polished aluminum, not chrome.

Which tires are recommended?
Michelin Pilot Sports, Yokohama AVS Sport, Pirelli P-Zero Rosso Assimmetrico and Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Positions (in no particular order) are all great tires that are offered in many sizes commonly used on Supras. BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD and KDWs are both good tires, but have a limited size selection.

What about putting wider tires (like 275s) on the stock wheels?
In my opinion, they are just too tall. I think a better size would be 265/40-17. It is actually much closer to being the same diameter as the stock front tire size, and are almost the perfect width. I don’t know why Toyota didn’t spec this seemingly more optimal size.

What are the diameters of stock vs. various other tire/wheel combos?
Front Tires:
Tire Size Total Diameter
235/45-17 (Stock Front) 25.33in.
235/40-17 24.40in.
245/45-17 25.68in.
245/40-17 24.72in.
255/40-17 25.03in.
265/40-17 25.35in.
235/40-18 25.40in.
245/40-18 25.72in.
255/35-18 25.03in.
265/35-18 25.30in.
275/35-18 25.58in.
Rear Tires

255/40-17 (Stock Rear) 25.03in.
265/40-17 25.35in.
275/40-17 25.66in.
315/35-17 25.68in.
255/35-18 25.03in.
265/35-18 25.30in.
275/35-18 25.58in.
285/35-18 25.85in.
285/30-18 24.73in.
295/30-18 24.97in.
315/30-18 25.44in.

What is the optimum tire section width for different width wheels?
8.5” - 235-245
9.0” - 255
9.5” - 265-275
10.0” - 285
10.5” - 295
11.0” - 305-315
11.5” - 315

What is the largest wheel and tire package I can put on the Supra TT without fender modifications, and with Eibach springs?
265/35-18s on 18x9.5" with a +50mm offset in the front, and 295/30-18s on 18x10.5" with a 53mm offset in the rear. The offsets are very crucial to make this work.(Information by Steve Jarvis)

What is the widest wheel and tire package that can be installed on a Supra with rolled or cut rear fender lips?
285/30-18s on 18x10” with a 47mm offset in the front, and 315/30-18s on 18x11.5” with a 45mm offset. The offsets are very crucial to make this work. Try at your own risk. (Information by Steve Jarvis)

What are the stock wheel’s offsets?
50mm front and rear

Is it safe to use wheel spacers?
No. Two things come into play when using wheel spacers. The first is the fact that less of the stud will be usable when installing the lug nuts. This means there may not be as much thread contact as there should be. Also, moving the tires outward, puts additional strain on the wheel bearings, and makes bearing failure more likely. You would not need wheel spacers if the wheels are the appropriate off-set.
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